Our roots are deep in creative. Our minds are digital, our guts strategic, and our passion is using our craft and experience to solve real-world challenges.

Many years ago, the principals of the agency started on an international path, professionally, and have been solving creative and strategic challenges ever since.

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I have worked with Barry while he was a senior exec at 3 different large media corporations and have been lucky enough to have retained Barry when I have had my own companies. I have both observed and benefitted from his mentorship capabilities. His marketing advisory expertise is, quite simply, an integral part of a successful management team.  Barry's long term strategic thinking enables a company to match its media profile to its key goals. His endless media network permits this message to be broadcast throughout print, television, radio and the Web. This package of instantaneous credibility is unique. Barry is the professional you need to make your marketing positioning work.

David Friedensohn
Managing Director, Pellinore Ventures LLC
CEO, Wall Street Transcript

May 14, 2016

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